The company was founded in 1979 with the NPWP 01315.0602-021.000 SIUP Kep-7438/1986. PURI PT.ASURANSI Asih is one of the companies that joined in Bumi Asih Group (BAG), which consists of:
1. PT. BUMI JAYA Asih INSURANCE (Life insurance)
2. PT. INSURANCE PURI Asih (General Insurance)
3. PT. PURI Asih Insan (Hotel)
4. PT. NBP (Rural Development Bank / BPR)
5. PT. BUMI ARTHADANA Asih (Property)
6. PT. SENTOSA JAYA Asih (Contractors & Trading)
7. PT. BINA Asih (Management Consultant)
8. PT. INFOMED (Media)
9. PT. AIM Trust (Securities)

Board of Commissioners
Benedictus G.Sianipar B.Com, ANZIF (Fellow)
Drs. Pardamean Sianipar, MBA
Register Sidabutar, SE

Board of Directors
Parhimpunan Sitompul, AAIJ
Drs. Kornat Rumapea, MM, FSAI
Parker Damanik

"Insurance market in Indonesia."

Provide a sense of security with the motto:
"Protect and Serve"

Increasing the awareness of insurance.

The development of technology and increased economic activities in different business sectors has been a dynamic on demand service in the insurance and the sufficient volume capacity .To provide protection and service fast, flexible and reliable, PT. Insurance Puri Asih has cooperation with the Reinsurance Company, Broker and both in and outside the country, because the distribution of risk management that is supported by the good security, the interests of business partners / subscription will be guaranteed secure.

Wsma Bumi Asih Jaya Lt. 4Jl. Matraman Raya No. 165-167, Jakarta 13140 Indonesia.
Telp : (021)-85907788 (hunting), Fax : (021)-85907488 , 85901236
email : info@puriasih.co.id  , website : www.puriasih.co.id